Sunday, December 4, 2016

Thrills of entering into the fascinating world of AI.

As you know I started my career(exploration) as Web Developer. When mobile came to market, then I jumped to mobile app development. Started with Android and couldn’t stop me to explore iOS too. I published few educational apps,financial app,health app in android & some image processing/facial recognition app in iOS. Once while reading a blog I encountered this term “Mobile app with Intelligence”. It left me to think. Aren’t all the apps intelligent? Am I creating dumb apps? How to make then intelligent apps? I just researched in internet. This way I met IBM Watson. To know more about Watson and learn from experts I attended the IBM Watson Developer Conference in San Francisco which took place recently in last November.

I came to know lots of things about Watson. But again just to know isn’t sufficient. I want to try hands on and wish to create my own intelligent apps. My exploration was on and while researching how to create by myself, I stumbled on this course by Udacity Nano degree program The course tag line is “Learn to build impossible”. I guarantee if someone is a developer at heart can’t resist this word. So I couldn’t. I signed up for the course. I signed very late,almost it reached 9000 number at that time. Still I signed, I was waiting for the selection which was scheduled to be declared on Dec 2. I got my acceptance offer on Nov 30. There are only 500 seats in the first batch while applicants were 10,000.It was very competitive. I feel thrills to enter the fascinating world of AI.

The leader in cognitive technology IBM Watson, Amazon Alexa & DIDI chuxing has designed the course. They will train the future Artificial Intelligent Engineer. 

I don’t know driving yet. I wish to train my car and make it AI enabled and use it. Now I can talk with car using IBM Watson conversion as here .Like for example if I say turn on light, wipe the screen, where is nearby restaurant?  it can do this things for me. Need to know more from Sebastian Thrun who is my current instructor too for AI and pioneer of the Self-Driving Car space.

As IBM CEO Ginni Rometty said in keynote she envision the future world to be man & machine. I envision that too. Everything from education,health, finance,telecom will take advantage of AI. Nothing can be escaped from it.It really interesting to be in this field and to create cool intelligent app, talk to robot, train robot.

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