Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Kick Off Outreachy

I have always worked as an independent web developer, mobile app developer. I was developing android educational apps in my own time as I wish. That to say I was one woman army. I discovered when there is no deadline and no pressure, my work is getting delayed endlessly.

Seeing the popularity of open source culture, I got interested to work for open source organization. There are so many organization who are working towards social cause like eradicate poverty, improve poor’s life.
One of such organization is Mifos Initiative. So I applied to work for them through Outreachy program.

Outreachy is the successor of the Outreach Program for Women (OPW), which connects talented and passionate developers with people working in free and open source software
Luckily I got accepted into program. Purpose of Mifos Initiative is to empower poor women and to give them financial freedom. You can get more detail from their website.

I had the knowledge of  Android Cloud Computing, Rest API, Java Spring framework. They are using the same software stack. I love mathematics too. As Mifos(Microfinance) is a Financial software, so I got interested to work for them.

I made few contribution before I applied. My contribution is at

My mentors are very cooperative and friendly.

I will be working to add few features to their Android Client and to improve the AngularJS based Community app. I will update the blog as the work progress.

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